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The Trip so far..

Posted by on September 29, 2011

Hi guys, I havent managed to update in a while for various reasons, even though i have written alot, it takes ages to edit these things and after a days riding I’m usuall beat!

So i have been holed up in a beautiful place the last few days near Fort St James in British Columbia, so Ive had a chance to chill out, walk around the lake (not all or it, its 55km long!!) and just do some norml stuff. I’ve also roughly edited  a short video photomonatge of the trip!!!..So check it out!! Arctic Circle To Whitehorse Honda C90

I will catch up on the blog end soon also!!

see yall….

5 Responses to The Trip so far..

  1. Andrew

    Just came across your trip through Done Deal,sounds brilliant.Would love to do an adventure like that some day.I drove through France & Spain (all the way to Gibraltar) in 2008 but on a BMW GS1150.I wish you all the best of luck in the miles ahead,will be following you for sure.Good Luck.

  2. Andrew

    What kind of time frame does a trip like that, how many months will you be away for?.I’d suggest getting a tricolour flag for the back of the bike,everyone in Canada & United States are irish of some way you would have no trouble getting help there.

    • sean

      hey Andrew!!
      I reckon it will take me another 11 months or so. I’m not doing it fast and I hope to stay at some place for a few weeks.
      Yes I do need a tricolor sticker. I have to try order one on line!!!
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. donal

    i stand back and applaude you ,well done ,i been following you for a while now ,your doing grand ,the basket on the front is enough to let people know your irish ,ha ,only jokeing, the flag is a brillent idea , keep on biking and stay safe ,from a dreamer .

    • sean

      HaHa Hi Donal…
      thanks for your message!!!!
      Yes I am a dreamer and should have a short video to that effect coming along soon!!!

      thanks again

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