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The Highest Honda Cub in the world…. Ever

Posted by on February 3, 2013

The Highest Honda Cub in the World.!!! After a 5 day expedition to Ojos de Salado Chile Team Honda Vs The World reaches 5706m!! The under resourced, ill equipped and barely prepared team succeeded in riding, pushing and wrestling the Honda up mountain to reach an altitude of 5706 m. Unusually deep snow for the time of year prevented us from riding higher and meant we had to haul the bike over sections to reach our altitude. Our aim when we set out was to reach an altitude higher than the highest road in the world at 5565m in Tibet.

The Expedition
We set out from Copiapo Chile at 384m above sea level. We loaded our bikes up with everything we needed, camping gear, food, fuel and water. The first day was extremely tough. I got two punctures in the desert in the baking heat which had us all frustrated. We eventually arrived at our first destination of Laguna Santa Rosa at 3700m for our first nights acclimatisation. An extremely beautiful lake with lots of feeding birds and flamingos.
The next day we headed off for Camp Murray at 4500m. We overnighted there and the next day rode to our base camp Camp Atacama at 5200m. This turned out to be an extremely difficult ride and we needed to push the bikes through deep sand. This 22 km drive took us the best part of 5 hours to complete, but the bike was running beautifully, I had fitted a #72 main jet and she was preforming far better than I had expected. When arrived I stripped the bike down and prepared it for the mountain. I knew it was going to extremely difficult to make our target of 5600m due to the amount of snow on the mountain and the steepness of the trail.

We spent a very cold night sleeping in out tents on the mountain. The next day I started the bike and prepared for the climb. The bike made a good first climb of around 80 vertical meters. From then on we had there was a mixture of walking, pulling and pushing the motorcycle over deep snow and riding it when ever it was possible. The bike was performing great and ran throughout.
When we were reached 5680m above we were all shattered, we were all feeling the effects of altitude. I walked ahead to check out the route. I could see its was possible to ride the next 200m distance that would take us past 5700m. I mounted up and the bike ran faultlessly dodging rocks and up and down hallows to reach our summit. We had made it!!!

We were delighted, we all agreed it was the toughest thing any of us had done. The physical exertion to move the bike at that altitude in the snow was completely draining. We spent some time verifying the altitude which read between 5706m to 5711m. The altitude is a full 141m higher than the highest road in the world at 5565m in Tibet and cements El Burrito as the highest Honda Cub ever!

Special thanks to my brother Gavin Dillon and Gordon Jackson for helping me with this delightfully pointless exercise and putting in a mammoth effort on the mountain. And thanks also to Darren Cormack and Erik Innocent for providing the GPS unit.

Viva The Cub!!!!!!



Full story and trip report to come!!

5 Responses to The Highest Honda Cub in the world…. Ever

  1. Ricky

    Congratulations Sean & co. on your epic achievement !! I’d imagine it could get pretty knarly, pretty quick at that altitude.
    Great reading, can’t wait for the next update !

  2. Girl georje

    2 punctures that’s not fair!

    • sean

      HI ay Georgie
      HOw are you keeping eh!!
      been a while since Baja Mexico eh!!
      IO hope that van is still treating you well!!!!
      Planning another adventure?

  3. glen

    from Vancouver.Most people only dream of this kind of journey

  4. Thierry

    Oh yeah!!!! What a good trip. I followed you all along your tripp. Where are you now? Have you backed your cub? .
    Salutations Thierry from France.

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