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Where’s Sean?


92 Responses to Where’s Sean?

  1. Jo-Anne Gaughan

    Still trying to decide whether you are extremely brave or completely mad!!! A bit of both maybe….lol!

  2. Aaron O' Brien

    its crazy man, i didnt realsie how long it was till i seen the map, best of luck man
    il be following ya all the way :)

  3. colin

    well sean, your actually gonna do it ya mad bas#ard!!!! best of luck with everything dude! stay safe!
    we will all be following ya back home, so keep us updated dude, looking forward to seeing photos and vids.
    oh and dont try and stroke the bears, apparently they are quite dangerous! (i know and they look so cute)…..:)

  4. shay

    when u heading off”

  5. Fuzz

    Just keep that oil checked !

    • sean

      Thanks for the tips mate. The oil will be the most important point alright. Might even consider a cooler!

  6. Andrew Orr

    Best of luck! it will be great to see how the little bike holds up.

  7. margaret Papageorgiou

    How are you doing Sean? I’m fallowing you… Keep on a biking ,your doing good.. Luv Ya !!

  8. Joan Power

    Sean, How’s it goin? Just read about you in the papers and had to check out your progress. Watch out for those bears. When I was a teenager I used to get spins on my neighbours Honda 50, it’s a mean machine. I don’t see any Wexford flags strapped to the back tho. Keep her lit :)

    • sean

      Hi Joan, I have the Wexford jersey packed and all…
      gotta love those 50s!
      Make sure you follow on Facebook too!!


  9. Gael

    Wow ……what an adventure, the very best of luck…..
    I’m really looking forward to this ! x Gael

    • sean

      Thanks Gael!!! Make sure y
      Ou add on ga book for all the latest photos etc 😉
      Hope you enjoy,,

  10. Phil

    Just a lowly 1981 C70 owner wondering if you’ll tour Vancouver Island on your way through?

    • sean

      Hey Phil, I would love to meet up. Someone else contacted me from Vancouver island also, I’ll be in touch when I get closer, or else remind me!, I’m losing track of all my emails atm..

  11. Brian

    best of luck Sean, im going to follow you all the way,

  12. Tom Kearney

    Hi Sean,
    Wish we were taking that trip too !! We’ll be tracking you all the way. It’s not settlement ponds you’re thinking of now !! Best of luck from the Corrib QS’s TK/TC/PF. Wroom wroom beep beep !!

  13. LouisQCI

    Saw your bike in Smithers on Sunday Sept 25 12:00ish at Tim Hortons. That is one heck of a piece of the trip completed but it pales by comparison to the one ahead of you. Good luck. There is a lot of scenery and very little else in northern BC. Hope the civilized world in the south treats you nice.

    • sean

      hi Louis… Thanks for the comment…BC is great so far, loving it… But have to say I’m look forward to the sun now.. I’m still in my tent frozen!!!
      Take care and thanks

  14. Louise

    Hi Sean…… we seen you yesterday at the Spiral Tunnels (Oct.7-2011) and I took a lovely picture of you and wanted to send it but having a problem to find where to send it too…….. I see you made it to Revelstoke…. we live in the Okanagan… hope you make it through BC before the snow,,,, we had some just above us at 5000 feet here last night…. good luck on your journey… will be following your site now and watching the SPOT to see how you are getting on… was great to have run into you, so best of Luck… Louise and Dale- on crutches…

    • sean

      hey Louise!
      Sorry for the late reply!! thanks for co at ting me,
      To ne honest I’m not sure how you upload to the website, but are you on Facebook? If you click the facebook link and Like the page you can upload it there!

      I’m in Vancouver now… Greta spot

      Thanks again

  15. Bryan MacNeill

    Hey Sean
    We met at Hungry Herbie’s in Cache Creek. No doubt you enjoyed your trip to Lillooet and down to Pemberton/Whistler. Besides Ireland, the Chilcotin one of my fave parts of the planet.
    The cook here led me to your blog and I’ll follow it. I’m most interested to see how you will cross the Darien Gap. I failed in my attempt in 1999.
    I have been on part of your route – from the Colombia/Ecuador border to Iquique, Chile. I have been on various routes through Ecuador – coastal, Andean, and Amazonian – many times. Maybe I’ll have some tips for you when you get there.

    Que la vaya bien

    • sean

      Hey Brian
      Thanks for your mail… I’ve made it to Vancouver anyways, beautiful drive to Whistler… so that is one step towards central America.
      Hope you keep following!!


  16. glen

    Hi Sean
    My name is glen and I was the cyclist with the yellow jacket who talked with you in Stanley park.Great website and an even greater adventure ahead of you.Too bad about the weather ,but your going to love the coast ride down and San Francisco -the greatest city on the west coast.I hope the wind is at your back .glen
    PS just north of San Diego is La Jolla. – my second favourite place on the coast

    • sean

      Hey Glen, great to meet you ! And thanks for dropping me a line!
      Lucky with the weather so, and I’m used to this kind of weather so it doesn’t really bother me!!
      Can’t wait to go the coast road, but I’ll spend a bit of time here, sorting stuff out!
      Thanks for the tip!
      All the best!

  17. douglas O'Reilly

    Hey there Sean. Thought I would drop you a note now that I got to my computer. Hope all is well. Have you made it out of Canada yet? Just a reminder for you……we met on the way to Stewart BC at the road block. Remamber how you cut in line???? Haha. Sat in my Semi for a break from the rain and cold. Manage to find a Tim Hortons yet? All the best. Doug

    • sean

      Ah Doug… I do indeed !!! And I was just thinking about the meeting the other day, I was saying ” I better use that Tim Hortons card so Doug knows I had a warm meal on him!! I’ve actually been in twice but each time I forgot to pay with the card!!
      Tadayis a good day for a coffee!!!!

      I’m in Van cover and enjoying a break from the road! Big milestone for me! Bike is going goos , no major issues!! Hope all is real good with you mate.

      Keep in touch!!

    • sean

      had a nice coffee the other day Doug!!

  18. Ron and Eleen

    Hi Sean We talked to you outside of a store in Denali Park as we were emailing there, and you gave me your address there. We are from Vancouver Island and we are leaving for Palm Springs California this Wed the 26th, We may take 6 to 7 days to get there as we are going to do some touring in the lower part of the state of Utah as it is so beautiful there. I had mislaid your address and found it today and after reading some of your trip we were sorry we missed Chicken, we were going to go that way but a Canadian cannot take an american RV into Canada and we wanted to see Dawson City, Oh Well. If you are going through that Part of southern California after Nov.7th let us know and we can have a beer or 2 Good luck on your Ride Ron Neil.

    • sean

      Hey there
      apologies for the late response! thanks for dropping me a line!!
      ah yes chicken.. great spot!
      Im still in Vancouver and moving on south soon…
      Ill be that way in a month or so id say!

  19. Joost

    Hey Sean,

    What a fantastic adventure! Nice stories, beautiful pictures.
    Not many people dare follow their dreams. Respect.
    Keep on going!

    Joost (in Iraq)

    • sean

      Heeeeeeeyyy Joost!!

      How are you mate?
      The Journey so far has been pretty amazing, im chilling in Vancouver at the moment. With Ernest Hemingways grandson none the less, he also has a little honda.

      So you are in Iaq now… woooo… good for you … you got balls !… im sure you well protected.

      Tell Tom I said hello when you see him… he probably doesnt even know my name! haha

      Keep in touch!!!

  20. St.John Read

    Whats happened to your Spot Sean. Haven’t been able to track you for a while. Keep on with the Blogs – great suff and fantastic pics. All the best, St.J.

    • sean

      Hey St John,
      My SPOT has packed it in. I think it froze a few weeks ago. But I’ve just received my new one so it should be up and running soon again!
      Glad you are liking the blog and photos,

  21. Agnes

    Hi Sean, beautiful autumn morning here in south west Cork and I have read your blogs again. They are great, so glad you are enjoying the journey which is turning out to be such an adventure. Enjoy the next part of the passage and keep posting the blogs, so we can keep travelling with you. Stay warm and bon voyage :-)

    • sean

      Hi Agnes!
      Thanks for the message! Its nearly time to start moving on again. Going to hit the road on Monday I think down towards Seattle. Looking forward to it now, had a nice break her in Vancouver. The North West is a great place and well worth a visit.

      Hope things are all well back at home! gotta love Autumn..

      Take care!

  22. Agnes


    Noticed you are you are on the move again – well done on reaching the US and your tracker up and running. Your ears must be burning a lot – one of the bright spots in an atmosphere of a lot of work and approaching winter. Happy hondaing :-)

  23. Richard

    I’l be looking in every now and then and take care.
    Make time to service the bike.
    Good luck

    • sean

      Hey Thanks Richard!!!
      she’s been looked after well!!.. 7 oil changes, well oiled chain, tryes in good nick, all axels greased up!!!


  24. Tim Ford

    Hello Sean, I see you are making great progress. Smart move taking the PCH. You are in for some great senery. I love the Redwood Trees. I have never seen the ones north of San Fran. but Big Sur and Santa Cruz is fantastic. There is a steam train from Santa Cruz to the Big Trees in Felton, Ca. that is pretty cool. I hope you still plan to make it by when you get to LA. Veronica and I have the spare room ready, Becks in the fridg. and those Michelins I plan to mount up for you. Stay Safe, Timaahhh ( (714) 907-7565

  25. Tom Keeble

    On your way through California you are welcome to stop at my motorcycle machine shop in Santa Clara. for any repairs or service you might need. (San Francisco Bay area) Tom

  26. Ali Khan

    I see no post after November 26. Is all ok? Where are you? Near LA?

  27. Ken Larson

    Sean, it was great to meet you and break bread at Timmy Ford’s last week. I can report to all of your followers that you looked great – of course, it’s only been about 3,000 miles into your journey – and I’m glad that you and Tim got your bike sorted out. Be well, my Irish friend, and godspeed!

    • sean

      Thanks Ken, it was great to meet you too!!

      Ive actually cover 7000 miles so far! but who is counting 😉

      Thanks for the comment, all the best for 2012!!!

  28. Ralph

    I hope your new VENICE BEACH shirt will keep clean a long time. So don’t do dirty things…. Thank you for the common night – even when some thoughts seemed to been thought twice. I think it was the right decision not to take the female lead singer in black leather jeans instead of some golden pitchers. I wish you the best…please take some greetings from ger to south america!

    • sean

      Hey Ralph, Someone stole my Venice Beach hoody.. :-(
      Its was a good, beer or girls- its always a difficult decision !
      safe travels back to Germany!!
      cheers for the message!

  29. David


    Are you headed south through Tiajuna or coming through Phoenix/Tucson and then south?


    • sean

      Hi David,
      thanks for the comment!!
      I’m heading through Tijuana and down Baja!!

  30. Marco

    Can’t believe I just found out about your adventure! Thanks for sharing a brew with us tonight here in San Diego,Ca. My budds and I were seriouse, if you can stay for the mods vs rockers ride , we will buy you a big fat steak dinner at the Riviera, at the pre-ride get together! If you split, ride safe and catch you on th way back.

    • sean

      Hey Marco!
      Thanks for the email, it was great to you all.
      Who knows if i get delayed I might just show up there!!
      thanks for the offer!!

  31. Aaron Legan

    Right on Sean! Thanks for gracing me garage with your presence! I’m sure the clutch will be fine – maybe for another 30-some-odd thousand miles…

    • sean

      Cheers Araron!!!… appreciate your help man, and a pleasure hanging out and drinking your beers 😉

  32. George

    I just spoke with you at SouthBay Motorsports In Chula Vista, California. Bike sounds 100% and wish you the BEST! I was on my XR650R with black & red vest on. If you need anything… since i stay in Baja and have tools, garage, shelter…

  33. Seamus

    Hi, Sean. Coming towards half way! Well done. You’re well out of this country at this time. Very best of luck.

    • sean

      Hey Seamus..yes I hear its all doom and gloom. If i was there I would be very angry with whats happening and I’d be organising a revolution.. ha
      I’m glad Im traveling!
      All is going well so far. Looking forward getting down Baja into the desert and doing a bit of swimming and whale watching. The whales calf in a couple of places down Baja, while the males wait for their chance again outside, so there is plenty of activity. Glad to move on from north america, was great but Mexico brings loads of new challenges..
      Hope you and the family are well!
      Hasta leugo amigo

  34. Jorge

    Sean!! if you need something in the baja south, send me a mail and i can give to you some friends phone numbers 😉 … and, if you back to Ensenada i see you again in Hussongs :)


    • sean

      Hey Jorge!!!
      Thanks! it was good meeting you. If I am back this way I will look you up!

      Hasta luego amigo..mantenerse en contacto


  35. Alicia

    Good Morning Sean;

    I see you are finding your way fine in Baja. Are you enjoying the good food and the warm waters?. And I just want to reiterate that if you need help we are a phone call away…………….take care

    • sean

      loving the deset Alicia, ahve reached the Mar de Cortez side now. Going to stay a while in Mulege..
      hope you and Duke and well!!!

  36. Alicia

    ……………just checking on your progress. Seems like today was a long one…………….you already pass half of the peninsula……….still enjoying the desert?

  37. Humberto

    Hi Sean, I´m at Queretaro now, i hope you are fine, if you want to know the state of Queretaro youre welcome, goooooo!!!!

    • sean

      Hola Humberto.
      estoy in San Jose del Cabo ahorita. Voy a ir a La Paz y Mazatlan pronto. Graic por su invitatcion!
      te voy a llamar quando decido.
      muchas gracia amigo

  38. Georje Holper

    Hey Sean, if you drive around the cape the beach at los Frailles is fantastic. Free camping in the arroyo and great snorkeling right from the beach, bring food , no amenities but there is a well for water. Looks like your in la Paz. My pals and I are in Todos Santos for a few days then heading back into the bush. ps…. Be sure and go to the hot spings in the Bioreserve at Aguas Caliente near Santiago. Free hot springs with free campiung and not many people.

    • sean

      Cheers Georje… thanks for the advice!.. ill be pushing on from San Jose tomorrow.!
      keep in touch!!

  39. Andrew

    Hello Sean i am following all your progress all the way from Waterford Ireland.What a trip so far i’m telling any bikers i know of your trip and passing on your web address.I have a honda c90 and honda st1300 that little bike will get you there for sure stay safe best of luck and keep on posting :-)

  40. Alicia

    Hola Sean;

    Acabo de regresar de vacaciones (Dillon Beach), solo para decirte que tome tanto vino que creo que me tengo que internar en un centro de rehabilitacion. Espero estes disfrutando Mexico, mi pais favorito……….

  41. doug akerson


    We met your brother tonight in Greenwich CT and he was kind enough to provide us with an update of your travels. We took a look at your blog and admire what your doing. Now that your in warmer climes make sure to secure adequate sunscreen. We’re sure there are more roadside taco stands now to choose from. Safe travels!

    Doug and Lisa

    • sean

      Hey Doug,
      Thanks for writing, I see my brother is doing a good job promoting my antics!.
      If you see him again say Hi for me..

      The weather is definitely better and enjoying Mexico at the moment!
      Thanks again

  42. geoff mccormack

    sitting in my room in leeds west yorkshire thinkin what a hero!! I have A KEEWAY partner 110 (innova clone) thats begging for mileage. Ive been wanting to do a trip like this for ages, probably uk coast through ireland scotland and wales. If nothing else, you’ve convinced a 41 year old commuter to go for it. True heroes ride HORIZONTAL, if you know what i mean! GOOD LUCK MAN AND GOD SPEED er SLOW. ta ta

    • sean

      Hey Geoff..
      Thanks for writing, as I ve said before Im just a dumbass on a bike chasing a dream! No regrets yet on my decisio to leave as I’m enjoying the life on the road and the challenges.
      Actually as I write I am getting over a bout of the squits and I’m not not in too great form but getting there… nice haha
      Your tip around the Uk and Ireland would be a great jaunt.. and a good few thousand miles I’d say. Break the 9 to 5 and do something extraordinary, or even just different !!

      Thanks for writing Geoff!

  43. Ali Khan

    Dear Sean,

    Where have you reached so far? When are you expecting to reach South American tip?

    Lahore, Pakistan

    • sean

      Hey Ali,
      Its been a whie, I am iin Guadalajara Mexico. I’m not really sure when I will hit South america or indeed Tierra del Feugo. I’m not in a rush to get home. But I do need to put some thought into thta pretty soon.

      you should sick a picture of your cun up on Facebook.

      Thanks for the email!

  44. Ali Khan

    Nice to hear from you Sean.
    I tried a risky experiment on my 70. Added Ceratec by liqui moly 42cc 6% to my engine oil 0.7 liter, despite warnings that it would slip my wet clutch. It did not slip the clutch. Soon I will measure if Im getting more km/liter. Initially when new I got 70km/liter.
    Best wishes for safe completion of your historic journey.

  45. lalo buentello

    mi querido sean apodado “chon” espero te hayas llevado un buen recuerdo de tus nuevos amigos san juanenses te deseo mucha suerte en tu viaje y no chupes mucho!! jaja un fuerte abrazo!!

    • sean

      haha gracias amigo… chon!

      Tango mucho buen recuerdos de San Juan de Rio. y no chupes mucho..? hmm no intiendo.. perro no quiero intender.. ha

  46. Ali Khan

    Got 70 km/ltr this morning

  47. lalo buentello

    mi querido sean, lo que quize decir es que no bebas mucho “don´t drink much alcohol!!!!!” lo decia por el tequila que llevas o llevabas para ti solito! jaja suerte en tu viaje y que sigas sembrando muchas amistades, eres un gran ejemplo de “libertad” un fuerte abrazo!!!!

  48. Fernando

    Hi Sean!
    I pretty sure you don’t remember me, we met each other in Playa Del Carmen, you asked me some details about the hostel where I was staying, no trascendental chat at all. After that I was looking at your motorbike and I saw the internet address of your adventure, and here I am.
    Best luck, be careful and enjoy life, Sean.

    • sean

      Ah Fernando.. i sure do…
      I stayed there just for one night.. the guy charged me 50 pesos more than other people in my room. but I got it back the next day!

      Had a great time in Mexico, I am in Belize now… nearly in Guatemala now!!!

      Thanks for the email!!!

  49. Chris

    Sean – just saw your Barton Creek post. If you make it to Antigua, Guatemala (definitely a popular spot to relax a few days), be sure to come by Moto Cafe and share some stories with fellow motorcyclists, join us for a ride, or just have a beer!

    Always great to meet fellow riders.

    Moto Cafe
    6a Calle Oriente #14
    Antigua, Guatemala

    Safe travels!

    • sean

      Hi Chris,
      Well I´ll definitly be stopping in there for a beer of two. I should be there in a few days!!
      ANy good nights to arrive?

  50. Luis Enrique Jo

    Hi Sean, I will follow you on your journey to Tierra del Fuego, It was a pleasure to meet you Semuc Champey in Guatemala, a lot of luck and encourage you on your journey!
    Hola Sean, te seguire en tu viaje hasta Tierra del Fuego, fue un gusto haberte conocido en Semuc Champey Guatemala, mucha suerte y mucho animo en tu viaje!

    • sean

      Hey Enrique,
      Nice to have met you too. Glad to have you aboard for the journey, it great to be able to share the journey somehow asd i travel alone. be in touch!!!

  51. Steve & Denise

    Fanstic stuff!!! True adventure on the perfect bike to do a nice slow see all trip. All the best…

    • sean

      Hi Guys,
      Thanks for the mail!!! shes a great little bike alright!!!
      thanks for reading!!!

  52. Miguel

    si pasa por uruguay trataremos de recibirlo

    • sean

      Hola Miguel…!! muchas gracias amigo..
      si me voy allá te llmaré.
      Hasta luego

  53. armin baker

    hi mate, good stuff. I did most of south america on yamaha 125. Maybe it´s possible to do this on a honda, too. But I am not confident about that. good luck.

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