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Mission Accomplished !!!

Posted by on March 27, 2013


Sean Dillon hondavstheworld honda c90 mission accomplished


Mission Accomplished (English y Español)

After 1 year and 7 months, some 578 days and 27,134 miles/43,414 km I have reached my final destination: the southern most tip of Argentina in Tierra del Fuego.
It has been an amazing journey and I have made many many good friends along the way. I really want to thank all the people who followed along on the journey and also the random people and strangers who extended the warm arm of friendship and assistance my way when ever it was required. Thanks to all the complete strangers who have wished me well on my journey and congratulated me on its completion.. and my friends and work colleagues.. well you know who you are!

Thanks to Gavin, Gordon, Ben, and Taka who provided me with much entertainment and a welcome change of perspective on the trip.
Thanks to the various media organisations who have given coverage to the trip. Anne at the Wexford Echo. Padraig at The Wexford People. Eoin with the Irish Independant. The Irish Sun and the Ray D´Arcy Show.

Of course a big thanks to my loyal steed El Burrito (the Little Donkey) she/he has served me well on the trip. She is a little tired now and requires some TLC. I will send her to Buenos Aires where we will both have a rest and repair.

So, I think I have confirmed something on this trip that the humble Honda Cub truly is the king of motorcycles. I have thrashed it through some of the worst roads on the planet and I can say that with confidence! – through asphalt, dirt, desert, snow, ice, salt, mud, you name it we´ve done it and with the help of Gavin and Gordon we have made a record for the highest Honda Cub ever at 5706m above sea level through snow and ice on the side of a volcano in Chile..

As the people who have followed from the start will know that I often just put blind faith in place of measured decision making and I ended up finding my self in very unusual and unanticipated situations but always the better for it. (Accept when that guy dropped my off at that prostitute hotel in Mexico. I wish I hadn’t accepted that lift). .

Though without doubt the biggest decision I have faced on the trip was to undertake the trip itself – to give up my position of comfort to pursue something of unknown consequence, but throughout my trip I have felt the guidance of something greater and this has been borne out in sympathy with the famous quote attributed to Goethe.

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Thanks to all… I will be making more posts as I continue to try update my blog and advise on my return trip!!



Misión cumplida

Después de meses 1 año y 7, había 578 días y 27.134 miles/43, 414 kilometros he llegado a mi destino final: la punta más meridional de Argentina en Tierra del Fuego.
Ha sido un viaje increíble y he hecho muy buenos amigos durante el camino. Realmente quiero agradecer a todas las personas que han seguido a lo largo de la jornada y también a la gente al azar y extraños que extendió el brazo caliente de la amistad y la ayuda de mi camino, cuando cada vez que era necesario. Gracias a todos los desconocidos que me han querido bien en mi camino y me felicitó por su realización .. y mis amigos .. y ustedes saben quienes son!

Gracias a Gavin, Gordon, Ben, y Taka quien me facilitó mucho entretenimiento y un bienvenido cambio de perspectiva en el viaje

Por lo tanto, creo que me han confirmado algo en este viaje que el humilde Honda Cub verdaderamente es el rey de las motocicletas. Lo he goleó a través de algunas de las peores carreteras del planeta y puedo decir que con confianza! – A través de asfalto, tierra, desierto, nieve, hielo, sal, barro, lo que sea que hemos hecho y con la ayuda de Gavin Gordon y hemos hecho un récord de la mayor Honda Cub siempre a 5706m sobre el nivel del mar a través de la nieve y el hielo en el lado de un volcán en Chile ..

Como las personas que han seguido desde el principio se sabe que a menudo sólo hay que poner fe ciega en lugar de la toma de decisiones y medidas que terminé encontrando mi auto en situaciones muy inusuales y unanticipated pero siempre el mejor para él. (Aceptar cuando ese hombre me soltó en ese hotel de prostituta en México. Ojalá no hubiera aceptado ese ascensor). . La decisión más importante que he enfrentado en el viaje era realizar el viaje en sí y renunciar a mi posición cómoda para perseguir algo con consecuencias desconocidas sino en todo mi viaje he sentido la orientación de algo más grande y esto ha sido confirmado por simpatía con la famosa cita atribuida a Goethe.

“El momento definitivamente uno se compromete, entonces la Providencia se mueve también. Toda clase de cosas ocurren para ayudar a uno que de otro modo nunca hubiera ocurrido. Una corriente entera de acontecimientos de la decisión, elevando a favor de uno toda clase de incidentes y encuentros imprevistos y material asistencia que ningún hombre podría haber soñado habría salido al paso. Cualquier cosa que puedas hacer o soñar, lo puedes, comienza. audacia tiene genio, poder y magia en ella. Empiece ahora “.

Gracias a todos … Voy a hacer más posts como yo seguir intentando actualizar mi blog y asesorar en mi viaje de regreso!

11 Responses to Mission Accomplished !!!

  1. Ricky

    Well done lad !!! What an achievement ! Life will never be the same, the world awaits !
    I’ve loved the blog (although I haven’t followed on facebook, hate it) lol, but will look forward to the updates and filling in the blanks.
    Again, heart felt congratulations !

  2. Tony Phillips (fellow Irishman in Buenos Aires )

    Strange but ecologically appropriate choice for a vehicle. A friend in Ireland sent me to your blog; Give a shout when you come to Buenos Aires, maybe I can offer a safe place to park :)


    • sean

      HI Tony
      Many thanks for you email!!
      So far the bike has served me well but it needs some attention at this stage.
      I should be in BA in a week or so. from there I will make further plans for home!
      Thanks for the offer of safe parking.. it might be required in BA!

  3. StJohn

    good on you sean – never doubted you. Now cut the bullshit and get back to work, there is a pile of paperwork for you to get through !!!

    Cheers – St.John

  4. Tom Kearney

    Hi Sean, I’ve just finished a book by Ben Cunningham named “The Longest Road”. A group of Irishmen in 2008 / 2009 cycled from Alaska to Argentina. A route not too dissimilar to your own. The book could be helpful to you, if you were to follow this journey with a book too. Regards Tom

  5. Scott, Lara, and Erin

    Congratulations Sean!
    From your whale kissing buddies way back at San Ignacio Lagoon
    We have popped in from time to time to check in on your progress. Well done my friend.
    Once again, congratulation and best wishes!
    Scott Lara and Erin

    • sean

      Hi Guys
      Thanks very much it was a pleasure meeting you in baja and seeing thos amazing whale together!.. what a day..

      take care and thanks very much for your message!!!

  6. Ian Moore

    Well done mate! Huge achievement and an inspiration to slackers the world over. If you ever decide to drag the Cub over to Norway I’ll buy you a beer, which at £9 a pint is some gesture, believe me. Ignore St John, he thought an epic journey was walking from the office to The Wellington on Baggot Street…. :)

    • sean

      Ian.. how the hell are you man.. sorry for the late reply, I planning my return journey now so my heads up me arse to be honest..
      Wow.. thats a mega gesture.. i havent paid that much for a pint since… well ever.. I gues that why there are no alcoholics in Norway then…

      Yeah I guess I should be thinking about work alright, just have to try get home first!!

      cheers for the message man!!
      take her handy!!

  7. Ralph

    Hey Sean, I’ll lift my hat regarding your performance! It’s a really good meassage to hear that you have reached your target. Hope to see your at the upcoming carneval party in cologne.
    Cheers Ralph

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