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Hello world!

Posted by on July 28, 2011

Hi, My name is Sean Dillon.  Welcome to

In August 2011 I will fly myself and My little Honda to Alaska, where I will cross the Arctic Circle and then ride south, the ultimate destination Tierra Del Feugo in the Southernmost tip of Argentina, and if I can manage it; get it to Antarctica itself. Along the way I hope to meet Honda enthusiasts and meet the people who love these little bikes and also to explore my own personal interest of housing and shelter. More specifically I hope to look at how the climate and environment has dictated the kind of accommodation and shelter that people have built, with the materials available to them, and as I will be traveling through many different climates and environments it should make some very interesting contrasts. I will write a blog on the way and hope to make a video diary of the trials and tribulation of undertaking such a trip on this much loved motorcycle. The trip will be very organic and i’m sure it will change and develop its own sense of purpose along the way as I’m sure I will also. There will be no measure of success or failure just the journey.. I have no timetable and no itinerary, just a direction. I trained as an Engineer,  but with a strong interest in the environment and sustainable energy and living. I have worked a variety of Jobs. Over the last few years I have become very aware of how people can get completely tied up in their jobs and lose focus on their own personal development and not living life to the fullest. I have experienced this myself. But over the last few years I have made a concerted effort to seek out life and enjoy it and not to get caught up in the frivolous detail of modern life. This trip for me is about paring back all those chains that bind us into our slavish lifestyles of fashions, cars, television, technology, its about grabbing life by the horns and experiencing it and not watching it pass me by. I look forward to what the next year ..or so, has to offer and see where life takes me.

for more (and some repeats) check out the “About me” page)

Hope you enjoy browsing the site!! :-) Feel free to press all the buttons  and leave comments and feedback.   Follow my antics on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Thanks Seán

10 Responses to Hello world!

  1. John Botterill

    Well Sean great to see the preparations are going well and the web site is up and runing I can confirm your test was successful, if the posting from me works, live the dream.

  2. Brian Baber

    Hi Sean,

    Good luck with your trip. I will look forward to your updates.



  3. Bríd Falconer

    Hi Seán
    I heard you talking to Hector this morning… it sounds like a great trip!
    I will look forward to the blog.
    Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!

  4. Phill Dennis

    I tuned in to the interview Sean, sounding good man! Hope all goes well for you. I’d say a good return journey would be via Australia! Keep ‘er lit!

    • sean

      Hey Phil!!!!
      how’s going mate!!?
      yeah that could be on the cards alirght!!
      Meet me in south america and we’ll get you a scooter and drive it till the whhels fall off!!!
      keep in touch man!!
      p.s Like to Facebook to follow… if you havn’t!! 😉

  5. shay

    good luck man with the epic bike road trip ill be watching with much interest

  6. James Owens

    The very best of luck on your journey – sounds wonderful and you can be sure I will be checking in on your exploits :o)

    • sean

      hey James!… Appreciate the mail man… Hope you enjoy! And join on Facebook to for the instant updates!! :-)

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