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Happy Happy Christmas and Stuff..

Posted by on December 24, 2011

Happy Happy Christmas everyone!!

Well I have decided to stay in Los Angeles for Christmas, I’ve been staying at Timmy Ford’s place for the last few day, but I decided to spend Christmas with other travellers like myself so I am now in Venice Beach!!

It was so great to arrive here yesterday, the last few days I have been busy sorting stuff out on the bike that I haven’t really thought of Christmas!!

But Venice Beach is alive and kicking with all manner of people hanging out, playing music, swimming, skate boarding and people watching.

Tonight there is a big Christmas dinner in the hostel so that should be good craic!

The Bike update
The Honda overall is still in good shape despite a few problems. The  clutch has started to slip a little, though I’m sure it started when I was pushed this semi synth oil from a honda service manager. It started slipping after that! , but the bike also has 35,800 plus miles and has been battling hills pretty much all the way from Alaska! The bike has never once let me down thats a Honda for you!!!

Timaaaahhh.. and some of his great bikes.. Thanks Timmy and Veronica

At Timmys we dismantled the clutch and found his plates would not fit so I cleaned up to original ones and threw them back in. It made a big difference but think its prudent to change them out anyway.








My wheel was also bouncing all around the place… when riding off road so I thought I might need new shocks which Timmy offered but we decided not to put on as the were slightly different.

I also broke a spoke and there were several that we’re loose but the heads were so rusted that I could not tighten so I cut them out and fitted a couple of new ones. Timmy offered me a new wheel but I declined I want to bring back the bike with the equipment I left with if possible.








So I still have to decide on my route for the next month, Death valley and Vegas or make for the Mexican border!

So party on folks and I hope you all have a great Christmas and thanks for all the messages and emails!!! and apologies for not responding to all the comments on the site yet.












I wrote a piece sometime ago which I will post in a tomorrow about my time spent in Aberdeen Washington visting some of Kurt Cobains residences and hangouts that eventually led me to spending the night sleeping under “Kurt’s Bridge” which was an interesting experience.

:-) Happy Christmas and New Years!!

6 Responses to Happy Happy Christmas and Stuff..

  1. Con Lawlor

    Happy Christmas Sean – enjoy the journey, was in San Fran a couple of times (missus hails from Alemeda across the Bay) mega part of the World. Keep safe and have a hoolie

    • sean

      Thanks Con!!! San Fran is a great spot alright .. loved it!
      merry Christmas to you and your missus!!

  2. Brendan Lynch

    Hope your enjoying your Christmas on the west coast… Your stories are great but depressing for us folk who are reading them!
    You’re not missing much in busted aul Ireland… Keep the posts coming and be good!
    Chat to ya,

    • sean

      Mr Lynch!!!!!!
      Thanks for the note man !!… its mostly complete strangers that contact me through the site would you believe!
      Nearly 20,000 people been on the site already!

      So I had a blast in Las Vegas for New Years, i put a couple of videos on Facebook!.. you should click the Facebook button (if you havent cos i update this more often!).
      As you can probably tell im not in a rush to get back to Ireland yet!!

      Hope you have a real good new year!!… give my regards to the `chaps`on the project!

      take care

  3. Thierry

    Thanks Sean for your post. Have an Happy new year 2012. I’d like to do the same than you. Excuse my bad English but he as got a French toutch. Bonnes fêtes de fin d’anné et bonne et heureuse année 2012.

    • sean

      Hey Cheer Thierry..your English is pretty good!
      Thanks for the message and same to you- Happy New Year!!

      Get on your bike!!

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