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7 Responses to Contact

  1. Elbert Gerringer

    I spent the whole day thinking about what you’ve written here. It seems that your blog now resides in my head. Good job lol.

  2. murray

    Awesome idea, and good luck. When I saw you driving through downtown Prince George, B.C. Canada with Alaska to Argentina written on your back luggage bag, my first thought was “on that little bike, like what is it a 90cc”? My next thought was “well it will get damn good fuel economy”. As soon as I got in the office I looked up this blog to see if this was real. I hope you update this blog as you go it will interesting to follow your journey. Whenever I hoist a pint of Guinness I’ll think about the intrepid Irishman Seán Patrick Dillon traversing his way down the Americas on his small but environmentally friendly bike!

    • sean

      Why, thank you very much Murray!!
      At the moment I am updating every 2 weeks, and trying to do it sooner! Just updated today as you may have seen.

      I’ve noticed the Madison Scott link on your comment. are you related?
      I’ve only read posters, it’s a sad story.
      In Ireland we had had a lot of young women gone missing also, and a girl from my area went missing over 10 years ago. very sad.

      anyway thanks for you comment and I hope you enjoy the future updates. dd on Facebook to get all the small updates!

  3. giorgio

    Increible tu historia!!! Pero deberias ir practicando tu castellano para la otra parte de tu viaje y una de las mas interesantes….. Sudamerica!!!!!!

    When you where close to Colombia mail me, I´m from Mendoza Argentina and live in Santa marta Colombia, probably we could have some beer and speak about the trip.

    • sean

      Hey man
      Sorry for the late reply… i was hoping to write something in spanish but I realised I forgot everything!!!
      I am trying to learn by listening to audio tracks!!

      I visited Santa Marta before and I loved it !!! I hope to visit again!!
      take care!

  4. Mauricio Barba

    Hola Sean
    Fue realmente un gusto conocerte y compartir contigo, realmente te admiro y te envidio sanamente por todo el hermoso viaje que has realizado, recuerdo cuando te vi en el transbordador de hornopiren a caleta Gonzalo y pensé este gringo debe andar en la tremenda moto y de puro curioso fui a la cubierta haber si veía la moto, pero no la vi jaja hasta cuando ya nos íbamos y te subiste a tu motito jaja fue muy raro o chistoso no lo se pero realmente es una buena moto :)… después verte en Chaiten y compartir contigo fue muy entrete y gracias por el atún que nos dejaste, nos sirvió mucho :)
    solo espero que estés muy bien que te vaya excelente en todo y que encuentres un buen patrocinador , saludos y éxito!!

    • sean


      muchas gracias por tu email!!!
      fue muy bien paso tiempo son usted en Chaiten!!
      Gracaias por compartir tus comides conmigo tambine!… Quando vas a viajar otra vez.. necisistas una moto .. como El Burito hehe

      Espero todao en muy bien en Santiago !!
      Gracias , nos vemos!

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