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About Me


Deconstruct, Tear down and pare back.

Till all has been laid bare. Revealed.

Till Life has been exposed.

Dig deep, dig beneath all the frivolous inconsequential tat that makes up your life.

Dig deep and breath deep.

The Truth.

Seán Patrick Dillon June 2011

My name is Seán Patrick Dillon. In August 2011 I will fly myself and my Little Honda Cub to Alaska. From there I will travel North inside the Arctic Circle, where I will then turn around and make my attempt at traveling to Tierra del Fuego in the Southern most tip of Argentina, and if I can manage it; get it to Antarctica itself!! A trip of over 20,ooo miles.

Sean Patrick Dillon. Find out all about me.







My trip is not so much a test of human endurance but a voyage of adventure and discovery. Along the way I hope to meet Honda enthusiasts and meet the people who love these little bikes and also to explore my own personal interest of housing and shelter. More specifically I hope to look at how the climate and environment has dictated the kind of accommodation and shelter that people have built using the materials available to them, and as I will be traveling through many different climates and environments it should make for some very interesting contrasts.







I trained as an Engineer, but with a strong interest in the environment and sustainable energy and living. I have worked a variety of Jobs. The most recent been an engineer on large construction project in Ireland.
Over the last few years I become very aware of how people can get completely tied up in their jobs and lose focus on their own personal development and not living life to the fullest. I have experienced this myself. But over the last few years I have made a concerted effort to seek out life and enjoy it and not to get caught up in the frivolous detail of modern life. This trip for me is about paring back all those chains that bind us into our slavish lifestyles of fashions, cars, television, technology, its about grabbing life by the horns and experiencing it and not watching it pass me by. I look forward to what the next year ..or so, has to offer and see where life takes me.

This is an entirely self funded trip I have saved up for this myself and have not sought sponsorship from anyone.

Along the way…..

Along the way I will keep a blog and update my webpage and I hope to make a video diary of the trials and tribulation of undertaking such a trip on this much loved motorcycle. The trip will be very organic and i’m sure it will change and develop its own sense of purpose along the way as I’m sure I will also. There will be no measure of success or failure just the journey. I have no timetable and no itinerary, just a direction…..

The motorcycle  I have chosen to undertake  this will define my Journey, both in the actual  limitations of travel and transportation  but also in the experiences.    We’ve all heard the expression using a sledge hammer to crack a nut, well this is the complete opposite end of the scale; this is like using your fingers to massage the nut until it slowly opens up and reveal its contents, with the inevitable addition of the sore fingers of course.

I have toyed with the idea of such a trip for a few years now and have spent much time torturing over which motorcycle to bring. Of course I have thought of bringing a bike more up to the job but where is the fun in that, right? Traveling doesn’t necessarily have to be easy, does it?, but it sure as hell has to be fun and that’s what I’m aiming for. Sure it’s nice to have a nice relaxing holiday, (though I can’t remember when I’ve actually had one of those) but I am seeking adventure, new experiences; a life changing experience perhaps?








The typical bike that is chosen for such an undertaking is the BMW GS1200, this is the bike Ewan Mc Gregor and Charlie Boorman used for their round the world trip. A bike such as this geared up for overland traveling will set you back in the region of €15,000 to €20,000. I bought my bike on Ebay for 700 quid! I’m hoping to do my entire trip within the budget for their bikes alone, and of course unlike Ewan and Charlie who had an army of support vehicles and staff; including mechanics, doctors, logistic coordinators and local “fixers”,  I am doing this trip solo, alone, unaided and unsupported. Everything I will need for this journey I will carry with me; camping gear, clothes, food, spares, tools, electronics etc. My life and this bike will be intertwined for the duration of my trip. I will rely on it and its contents for both my transport and my survival.

I see the bike as being an extremely important part of the trip as it will set the tone for the entire trip and what I hope to achieve from the trip. I have chosen this bike not to travel the world but to experience it. I have chosen this bike to allow me to see and experience things, things that you will never see or smell while traveling in your car or at speed on your GS1200. I have chosen this bike to bring me closer to environment in which I’m traveling and to the people, and their cultures. I chose this bike as I expect along the way to have some problems and these problems will inevitably lead me to interactions with people and will involve me relying on the generosity of strangers in order to over come these problems Naive, stupid? Perhaps, I undertake this under no illusion that there are a lot of bad people out there, people who are more than willing to take advantage (or my Iphone), and/or  liberate a gringo like me from all his worldly possessions;  but I undertake this trip with the knowledge and faith that there are a lot more good people out there than bad. I just hope I run into the good ones more often.  For me, I am hoping that this bike will open doors, so to speak, and hopefully not literally open doors for me… hopefully I’m not going to crash through doors of course but I hope the bike will possibly lead other people to embrace the idea and  mayne even to invite me to stay with them, and with any luck for free too  😉

Of course one of the major reasons for taking this bike is also as a tribute to the greatest motorcycle in the world, a motorcycle that still mobilises entire families and even entire continents. The Discovery Channel ran a series titled “The Greatest of..” where they documented the greatest machines made by man and guess what the greatest motorcycle in the world was? Well the Honda Cub of course!











A Brief History of the Honda.

The Honda C series of motorcycles commonly known as the Honda 50 or the Honda Cub is the most widely sold motorcycle in the world with over 60 million Cubs sold. Its success is in its simplicity and its durability. The bike was launched in 1958, and quickly became a hit.

The bike has been described the bike as “the go anywhere bike” and it made transport and travel affordable to everyone and anyone. In the 1960’s Honda ran the avert campaign “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”, at the time bikers did not have such a great reputation in America but Honda knew that if they could improve the image of motorcyclist then the sky was the limit in how much bikes they could sell. Honda threw a massive amount of money into this campaign which was a huge success. The bike not only appealed to younger people but also to housewives and professionals alike, everyone wanted a piece of this little bike!

So here I am now about to set off on my trip. I am in the final stages of preparation. The bike needs a thorough going over and then it will be crated up and sent to Alaska. It’s all becoming inevitable, what was a dream is starting to become a reality. This is it, not long to go now. .







The Hidden Track.. 😉



The Birth of HondaVsTheWorld

The below animation shows the complexity and the in depth planning process that has gone into making HondaVsTheWorld a reality from its initial conception to its present state of confoundment and confusion of bureaucracy and red tape ..  😉





80 Responses to About Me

  1. St.John Read

    Sean – you’re a feckin nutter, but good luck to ya. Cheers, St.John

    • sean

      Cheers St John, yes agreed, there is nothing sane about this trip.. :-)

  2. michael guilfoyle


    Cara gave me your link. I’ve just come back from a puny imitation of your trip – 1500kms on my bicycle across France and Spain on my own to Santiago so I understand a lot of your expectations of this trip . . . and as a proud owner of a Honda 50 from 1965 to 71 I can connect with your love of the bike!


    • sean

      Hi Micheal, thanks for the comment!
      1500km on a bicycle is no mean feat… sounds like a great trip..!! You can beat a Honda! Hopefully it will serve me well!

  3. Brian Baber


    Always thought you were a bit strange, this proves it!! Good luck with the trip I am sure it will be great.



    Ps looking forward to your updates.

  4. Kieran O'Brien

    Looks like the Dillon gang are international again, cutting up all over the Americas on a chicken chaser no less, likely a new legend of the old west will grow about the Dillons and what they get up to!
    Remember tell the feckers nothing if they ask and away with you abroad the world on yer bike!
    May the road rise up to meet you and you have good company to shorten it!
    If you meet anyone I know tell them I was aking for them.

    • sean

      Cheers Kieran!!… good parting words!!!… i’m going to try write a new chapter in the Dillon Story.. can promise it will all be true :-) i’ll pop down for an auld cuppa cha be before i hit the road!!

  5. Paul Hughes

    Dude, you are feckin MAD! Man I wish I was coming with you.

  6. Brendan Sidney

    Sean, you had my admiration with your Summer of 69 Air Guitar but this surpasses it(just about). Best of luck and I will be glued to your travels. Keep her lit!.


    • sean

      HaHa.. how ya Mr. Sidney!!… air guitar is a very serious art form.. you have a keen eye for it, most people just think its non-sense…
      Thanks for the email!!… keep in touch!!!

  7. Eleanor Howlin

    Sean… Can I come with you??? Catch ya before ya head off! I love everything about this trip, you’re going to have a blast!

    • sean

      Heeyyy Thanks the comment Nelly,! hopefully i’ll do it justice!! ..there is an open invitation to anyone who wants to join me for a few weeks or a few months!!

      Liquidate Grange Greens and sell up all you personal possessions and join me 😉

      see you for scoop before i hit the road on the Plastic Pony..


  8. Neil

    Fair play to you Sean! That’s gonna be some trip. Pity we didn’t get around to that wilderness survival course, might come in handy, then again I can just learn it all off you when you get back! I look forward to following your blog and want a signed copy of the book when it’s out. Stay safe…


    PS Beware the dodgy booze in Ecuador!!!

    • sean

      Hey Neil… yes, I would have liked to do that wilderness survival course! i’ll just have to bring some good kit and provisions, I’m bringing a few Taz bars and some Crunchies in case the shit hits the fan…
      take her easy

  9. Elvira

    I love it Sean, wishing you the very best for your amazing adventure, I’ll be looking forward keeping up to date with you, take care and enjoy xx

  10. Bianca

    Good God, how many sessions did it take to come up with this brainwave??

    Sigue tus sueños y crear muchos más!!

    buena suerte

    Bianca :-)

  11. Diarmuid Buttimer

    Nothing surprises me anymore when the Dillons are involved. Fair Play to you!

    You couldn’t even find the school gates and you’re going out to America….

    Best of luck and keep the revs high!!

    • sean

      haha.. nice one Diarmuid.. i got there in the end though 😉
      take care!

  12. Sunny

    Thanks a lot for finding the time to explain the terminlogy towards the inexperienced persons!

  13. Dave

    Nice one mate and good luck. Back in early May 1990 I packed in my job in the UK and took an MZ250 with a sidecar over to the Isle of Man for the TT races intending to then travel through Ireland. As it was I nearly ran out of money in Mona’s Isle (too much beer drinking at the TT!!!) and ended up staying until August having had three unofficial jobs to boost the funds.

    I made it to NI for two wonderful weeks there and then went down into the Republic until October when I returned back to the UK. Both in the IOM and in Ireland, north & south, I met wonderful people who took care of me, fed me, got me drunk, made me laugh and I even met my now wife who was travelling there at the time too. I marshalled at road races and at Mondello park, went flying in microlights in the IOM, got a cruise on a sailing yacht, got chased around Lisburn by British squaddies, got drunk with a German bloke who spoke like an Australian, and dodged the tax authorities in the IOM.

    Good luck to ya mate and if you have half the fun I did, it’ll be well worth it.

    • sean

      Hi Dave, Thanks for taking to time to leave a few comments, mich appreciated!!!… sounds like you’ve a few most interesting adventure over the years!.. i liking the idea of people taking care of me, feeding me, making me laugh and getting me drunk … ha awesome..
      feel free to drop back, ad HondavsTheWorld on face book and get all the updates!

      Thanks mate

  14. Dave

    By the way I have C90 too and regularly go to the Dragon Rally in Wales in February and the Rhayader Cub weekend in early July in Wales.

  15. Margaret Papageorgiou

    Hey Sean. Have a safe trip. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy yourself!!
    Love You.

    Auntie Margaret xo (-:


    I have a 1981 HOnda Passport that I LOVE. So if you make it over to Nanaimo British Columbia on Vancouver Island let me know…

    • sean

      Hi There… that is fantastic, another passport owner has contacted me also from Vancouver!.. I would love to visit, and maybe even do an article on you and your bike. Perhaps we could get a few more to meet up, that would be great. Like minds, like bikes, a few beers and a barbeque or something… hmm ideas, ideas…

      keep in touch

      if you Like of FB, i will let you know when i’ve posted a blog etc!

    • skibumanne

      Greetings Janinas from Vancouver! I got my 1983 C70 when living in Victoria…feels like we west coasters should share inside tips on nice scooter trips! Longest I’ve done is only Coquitlam to Victoria, but that trip through Sydney and Saanich is amazing on the back roads!

  17. Jo


    First up mate good on ya!

    Secondly, I’ve been reading Going Postal about a Brit who motorbiked from Sydney to the UK on a Honda CBT (known locally as a postie bike as they all have them). If he can do that, you’ll have no problems.

    Given that, I’ve also read Lois Pryce’s book who did Alaska to Argentina on a 250. No major problems but the bike was almost powerless at altitude.


    South America is amazing, you’ll have a blast. Make sure you stop in Cusco, Peru.

    All the best.

    • sean

      Thanks for your comment mate!!… but i love the mountains!!!… i’ll take her up a few now doubt and see how she fairs!!… if needs be i’ll start dumping stuff!!!!

  18. Juan Periko

    Great man!!

    Take care.

  19. Joke

    Hi Sean,

    I just checked out youre blog and website. Woauw, it is really comming close isn’t it?
    Do you have the exact date of youre departure?
    I find it amazing that you finally make you’re dream true, I’m very proud of it!
    I think this travel will be the most amazing experience of youre life, in the future you will talk about youre life before and after The Travel!
    It was inspiring to hear you talk about youre plans!
    I will keep following this site and I’m proud that I can say: ‘I lived with this world traveller!’
    Miss You!
    p.s. I love the little basket on youre Honda, sorry I laughed the first time I saw it!

    • sean

      Hey Joke!!!!
      Thanks for the comment!!.. yes its getting close but noe close enough for me!!!…
      I want to go now

      the bike hasnt left yet!!

      Was a pleasure livin with you 2 !!
      the basket rules 😉

      keep in touch!!

  20. Barry Winters

    Jesus, Sean man! I was impressed to look at your Honda Vs the world trip. Fair play son. I’ll be sure to check out your adventure online regulary. Life changing experience for sure. I wish you the very best and safe journey( especially from tijuana mexico on). I see alot of people giving you great advice and help on what to bring. Well all i can say is for gods sake dont think about leaving without the wexford crest or something purple and gold on that bike. Do us proud man. Loch Gorman Abu.

    • sean

      Haha alright Barry. I have the wexford jersey alright!! Might even set up strawberry stall at the arctic circle!!
      You are welcome to join me anywhere for few days weeks or months!

  21. shay

    id love to go with u id say it will be great

  22. colin

    well sean ive just said my goodbyes to you and i have to admit i had an aul tear in my eye!
    its hard to say goodbye to a good friend but, when i think of the journey your going on a small part of me wants you to feck off and start posting videos and writing blogs cos im sure there will be MANY crazy situations yourself and herself (the honda) will be getting into!
    so good luck on your trip, be careful and take it all in dude!

    • sean

      Hey Colin, thanks man, yeah it was difficult in the end to make the jump, but it’ll be worth it!!
      As I said anytime you guys want to meet me from a holiday or otherwise drop me a line!!!
      Follow your dreams dude

  23. Sweetpea

    How has the journey been so far Sean? Where are you now? I found your link at a scooter forum I subscribe to. I ride a Piaggio Fly 150

    Safe journey and best wishes,

    • sean

      Hey there Sweetpea,
      The journey has been real cool so far, some times literally…
      So where are you based?
      Interesting to see it on a scooter forum!!… can you send me a link to it?

  24. Pamela

    ‘allo Sean,

    Our friend Pat sent me a link to your blog & it looks like you are having quite the adventure. I am originally from Alaska – great place to pick as a starting point.

    My former husband & I took a cross country venture on our Goldwing several years back starting in Miami, up the East Coast, across the top of the US (the Badlands were incredible!) to Montana to attend a wedding, then straight down to Texas & back across the bottom of the US returning to Miami.

    Few years later we bought a HD-FX and did a big loop through the middle of the US. By myself, I took my Moto Guzi from Miami up the East Coast of Florida, across the top & back down the West Coast of Florida – regretting all the time that I didn’t bring more mosquito repellant!

    Loved each and every trip. Like you I am a lover of all and every type of architecture and I’ve really enjoyed looking at the unique dwellings you found around Vancouver. I wish you the best on your exploits and will be eagerly awaiting your new entries.


    • sean

      Hi Pamela,
      Thanks for you message.. sounds like you are quite the adventurer too!!!
      Its nice to see newcomers find their way here!!!

  25. damaso

    dude if you make it to BAJA (and you should) you got some beers on me! great idea and the best of luck, and I too think there are many more good people that bad!

    I hope to see you in Mexico!


    • sean

      Hey Man…

      I hope to make it down the Baja… so ill defo take you up on that!! 😉
      thanks mate!

  26. custom900

    Hi Sean, fantastic trip, enjoy every minute. Everyone on is following your trip with interest (and not a small amount of jealousy).

  27. Ciaran

    What a trip and fare play Sean . Some adventure and ill be following .
    Best of luck .

  28. Thomas Winters

    Man Sean, I cant believe how far you have travelled allready. Only a few months ago you were at the artic circle and now your in Cali. Surf’s Up dude, sure you’ll be home before we know it. Be carful in Mexico man, but sure your from Wexico so they should understand ya.

    Keep Her Lit buddy………

    • sean

      Hey Thanks Tom
      I know.. its been like 5500 miles so far!!!

      Long way to go yet man!!.. just passed the border at Cali, Cali is huge so I wont be checking our any hot girls in Bikinis for a while yet…

      cheers man

  29. Chris

    I wish i could join you ……..its dream man, you can’t forget as long as your live, its an achievement no ordinary person could do the same.

    • sean

      Hey thanks Chris!… lets hope I make it first but so far so good and it is one hell of an adventure and Im loving… i love the difficult and challenging bits, i think the trip to the arctic circle was my favourite bit.. to me it seemed like a major achievment and that i shouldnt have been doing it on that machine!.. but it ended up being great… luck always plays apart.. I had the right conditions for it!!

      Thanks for the best wishes!!

  30. Gary Thomson

    We ran into each other a few weeks past below the golden gate bridge in San Fransicio I was on my bicycle & you of course on the Honda . I think what your doing in this day & age is fantastic taking a simplistic approach & a good positive attitude are the right ingredients for a good & fun adventure . You are on the minds of much more people than you can imagine since my return to Boston I have been sharing your adventure with many friends (Irish ones ) & it’s multiplying at a ridiculous rate through the pubs here.
    Sean thanks a million for being unselfish in sharing your adventure with us all ( half the planet & growing)!

    All the best ~ Gary Dublin 12 cheers!

    • sean

      Hey Gary
      Sorrry for the late reply !! it was good to meet you! Thanks for the encouraging man…it was good to meet a fellow Irishman so far from home!!

      thanks for spreading the word!!!

      Happy Christmas to you!!!

  31. Captain Murph

    Godspeed, Sean.

    I only wish I was along your route so we could have a pint and chat about your adventure. I have an assortments of CT90’s and a couple of CL’s so I might be able to help if you have any technical snags.

    I’ll try to follow when I can.

    Merrry Christmas, lad.


    • sean

      Hey Thanks Captain Murph.. thats a shame… always good to meet people who collect these little bikes!!
      Merry Christmas!

  32. Michael Londra

    Howya Sean

    Saw the San Diego newsclip. Nice to see another Wexford man following his dreams. Don’t know whether you will be in the US once the trip is done but if you need anything at all, just email me. I am based in Chicago.
    Great story that started my Monday off very well indeed.
    Le Meas

  33. Paul Niehaus

    Hi Sean,

    Wish I would have seen this a couple months ago, you could have stayed over for a rest here in Southern Oregon (Grants Pass). I too am a ‘Tiddler’ and love my 81 C70 and 74 CT90, they are great fun. Have a safe trip and I look forward to following you and your progress on your journey!

    • sean

      Hey Paul.. what a pity I got pretty wet in Oregon but I loved it beautiful rugged coastline!!
      Cheers for following !

  34. walter


    • sean

      Hola Amigo!!

      no se donde vives? .. on recuerdo!!!

      como estas?

  35. Merv

    As was subtly mentioned above, your a nutter :-)

    And that’s impressive. We’re also nutters on our way through Argentina. We plan to be here for a few months, so if you would like to pop by for a cup of proper Irish tea, keep an eye on our location, and we’ll keep an eye on yours.

    I’ll have the kettle on.


    • sean

      Hey Merv,
      just checked out your site.. awesome machine that!!!!
      I should be in N.Argentina by November/december.. would love a cuppa daecent tae!!!

      take care man
      thnaks for the mail.!!

  36. Elaine Boland (O'Connor)

    Sean heard about your site yesterday from Eileen. Fantastic. Continued safe trip. Elaine.

    • sean

      Hi Elaine!!!
      Ah sure me Mam is the best promoter…. Thanks for the email.
      Hope things are all good at home!! Hi to the family!!

  37. Jayne

    Hi Sean,

    A friend forwarded me the link to your blog. My brother and I are on the same trip, although we’ve only made it as far as Las Vegas so far. Well done for doing the trip on a small bike. We find our 650cc Kawasakis are overloaded so I’m very impressed!

    I’ll keep an eye on where you are and if you go slow maybe we’ll catch up!


    • sean

      Hi Jayne
      Thanks for the mail… well if you catch up give me a shout (it cant be too difficult)
      Im travelling with 2 KLR’s at the moment… i usually average and hour and a half behind after a day.. so its not too bad.
      Keep in touch!

  38. Cian

    I have a new inspiration, I love everything about this trip!
    You’re far from a nutter and I love the quote.
    You need the get a “honda 50” song made when you get to the tip!


  39. Sandeep

    Hi Sean

    You are a legend and what a bike to do it on. I’ve just recently completed a restoration on my ’78 C90 Z2 and would love to do a trip like this in the future. Good luck and all the best with the rest of the journey.


    • sean

      Hey Sandeep,
      Thanks for the comment and best of luck with your restoration!!!!

  40. JK

    Your a legend
    Your the man….
    safe one

  41. Mark Ryan

    hey Seán just heard of your adventure on Today Fm
    Sounds like a blast
    Best of luck with the rest of the journey
    I’ll be following you online

    • sean

      Hey Mar… sorry for the late reply!
      thanks for the message, its defo been a blast so far… a few more storoes to come too.
      The Ray Dárcy interview was a bit of craic alright!!
      Cheers for the message .. on yer bike

  42. Mary

    Hi Sean
    Wow what a trip well done, it brought back some fab memories for myself and my family who visited Alaska for 6 weeks back in 2003. While spending the day at Alaska state fair in August we met a beautiful family who travelled from Argentina to Alaska in a Citroen 2CV. There baby was born somewhere along the way, it was a fantastic experience for our boys who were 6&9 years old at the time.Have a good rest and mind HONDA.
    Mary in Connemara

    • sean

      HI Mary..
      Many thanks for ypur email… I heard about that family along the way! I also am a fan of the old Citroen CV´s .. love em.. sounds like a great adventure too.. and great for you boys to see the possibilities in life!!

      Thanks very much for the message and I should have more stories when I get everthing up to date!!
      take care

    • sean

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your email. I had heard about that family whilst on the road. A real adventure and I´m also a big fan of that car. It must have been great for your kids to see the possibilitie in life!!
      Thanks again for the message and i should have some more stories to come when I get everything up to date!
      Take care

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