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A Note on Ecuadorian Dogs

Posted by on December 7, 2012

A Note on Ecuadorian dogs.

If I was to describe Ecuador from a motorcyclists perspective  I would call it the land of unfriendly dogs and nice mountains.
Of course there is far more to this magnificent country than this, however these things stick out in my mind. What the hell is up with these dogs from Ecuador? Do dogs follow fashion? Why only in Ecuador do they chase you? Its very weird.

Countless times per day I find myself being chased by them. They seem to be unhinged and crazed. I spot them from afar they maybe sitting on a porch or randomly on a hill and I will watch them bolt. More often than not the disappear on their way to intercept me and then pop out from behind a tree or under a fence and chase you down barking in a menacing and threatening fashion.

Occasionally I aim the bike straight for them if they are making a frontal assault thereby throwing them from their stride so I can zoom by. If I’m going too slow because of the terrain (lets not kid myself either it’s a pretty slow bike and most animals can run faster than me) I generally have to stop and then the previously crazed teeth baring animal just stops and looks giddy and not threatening at all but as soon as I move he goes crazy again.
These dogs are just insane.

Occasionally I find myself barking back at the dogs as they chase me down the road. Keeping just the right speed so I can look in their doggy eyes and bark at them. However I’m not sure they understand me  which seems to make them more angry.

I have written to the Ecuadorian government suggesting the should initiate a national programme for the physiological evaluation of their canine population. Surprisingly I am still awaiting a response.

Compare these dogs to the canine population of some of the other countries I have visited. In Central America for instance dogs simply overrun the place and they pay no attention whatsoever to humans. They are pests and scavengers.  The older females  doggy breasts resemble that of a feeding sows. Honestly, almost scraping the ground from year after year rearing litters of puppies.

These dogs are so used to humans and getting no affection what-so-ever that they are the most nonchalant dogs I’ve ever met. They simple walk about as if they own the place and you are the pest . The only time they come near you is if you have some food, but they are also scared stiff of humans at the same time. Stamp your feet or hiss at them and their little doggy ears are pulled back and they flee with their tails between their legs. Its a very sad situation. I feel quite sorry for them.

Sometimes I just want to pet them but they show no interest and once they figure out you have nothing for them they just ignore you and walk away. Its one thing being ignored by another person it feels even worst to be ignored by a dog.  Dogs are not supposed to ignore humans.

Except in California of course. In California they have down right snobby and stuck up dogs. Its one thing being ignored by a dog because he is a survivor and you have nothing to offer him but its quite another thing to be ignored by a dog that thinks it’s better than you.

One Response to A Note on Ecuadorian Dogs

  1. Walter Wilkins

    Quite the adventure. We briefly met while riding through Baja; I’m back on Prince Edward Island, Canada now. It’s cold here as we warm up to a white Christmas. Have a Merry One and so glad to see you’re still alive and at it.

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